Euro 2016: Who qualifies for the next round? Here’s everything you need to know after the group stage

Sweden and Iceland has to meet the destiny battles coming week. Both teams still have the opportunity to advance, despite the fact that they are without a victory so far. Photo: Scanpix

Everything is open before group stage final round. Here are the facts you need to know easily explained.

On Sunday evening, start the last round in the group stage, and so far there are few things that are clear. But something is clear:

Host nation France is already through to 1/8 finals, as are Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

On the opposite side, Ukraine has absolutely nothing to play for in their last match. Sunday was also clear that Romania must return home.

Team number 1 and 2 in the group automatically advances. In addition will four of the top six threes in the group also be qualified to 1/8 finals.

If equal points, the following will decides:

  1. Goal difference
  2. Number of cards
  3. UEFA coefficient

Group stage result so far:

Group A: (final round is completed)


France became number 1 in the group

Switzerland became second.

Albania became number three, and must wait for the results in the other groups before they know whether Euro 2016 adventure continues.

Romania is out of Euro 2016.

Group B:


England will qualifies with both draw and win against Slovakia. If They win, they win also the Group B. With a loss they will be placed in the battle of the third places.

Wales is on second place with victory. (if equal points with Slovakia is determined by mutual settlements, where Wales won the first match). If England lose and Wales wins, Wales will win the group. But Wales can be out if they lose against Russia and Slovakia takes point against England.

Slovakia will qualifies with victory against England. They will also qualifies with a draw against England if Russia beats Wales. They can also qualifies as one of the top three with a loss or a draw, unless Russia beats Wales.

Russia must beat Wales to qualifies. Then they are dependent on England also beats Slovakia. If England lose and Russia wins, it will be determined on goal difference, number of cards, or the UEFA coefficient.

Group C:


Germany is ahead with the win and a draw against Northern Ireland. If they lose and Poland wins, they can move forward as one of the top three.

Poland will qualifies no matter how it goes in the battle against Ukraine if Germany don´t lose against Northern Ireland. They will nevertheless remain well placed in the race to go ahead as one of the top three.

Northern Ireland must beat Germany to be guaranteed a place in the race, but they can also be placed in the battle of the third places.

Ukraine is already out of the Euro 2016 and has only honor to play for in the final round.

Group D:


Spain is already qualified.

Croatia is ahead if they secure at least one point against Spain. If Croatia lose and Czech win, the battle for the second place will be based on goal difference, number of cards, or the UEFA coefficient. They will anyway become one of the top three in the group.

Czech Republic will have to win and Croatia lose to have the opportunity to be among the top two. They could in theory take further as one of the best three with a draw against Turkey, but the theory is thin.

Turkey can, at best, finishing third in the group with victory against the Czech Republic. Then they are dependent on the battle of the third places.

Group E:


Italy has already qualified.

Belgium is ahead with at least a draw against Sweden. They can also lose and hope to move forward as number three.

Sweden must win over Belgium, then they will finish as the second in the group. Sweden also has a microscopic chance to move forward as one of the best three with a draw, but it depends on the results between Turkey and the Czech Republic, and Sweden must also score more goals than the Czech Republic. In addition, Portugal must lose with at least two goals.

Ireland must beat Italy to have a realistic possibility. If both Sweden and Ireland wins, the goal difference determines who becomes the number two and three in the group.

Group F:


Hungary is the group winner if they win against Portugal, or with a draw, if Iceland does not win against Austria. With loss in the last match they can at worst became third in the group.

Iceland is on with victory against Austria. They can become the number two with a draw, if Hungary beats Portugal. If both recent matches ends in a draw, the team who get qualifies in the group will be determine by goal difference, number of cards, or the UEFA coefficient.

Portugal is on with victory over Hungary. If both matches end in a draw, Portugal must score more goals than Iceland, possibly incurring fewer yellow cards.

Austria must beat Iceland, and they will end up as number two in the group if Portugal does not beat Hungary. With the victory in the last match they will be well placed to become one of the best three.

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